How Does Period Underwear Work?

What are Period Panties?

Period panties are completely reusable, washable underwear that are designed to be a replacement for pads and panty liners or to be worn as extra leak protection when using a tampon or menstrual cup.

You might imagine that period underwear is a bit like wearing a diaper, and you wouldn’t be the only one! However, that’s totally not the case! Period underwear feels just like any regular underwear (at least ours does!) and you don’t have to worry about any embarrassing leaks.

Remember, being uncomfortable down there and worrying about spills is not only a distraction, but can seriously harm your confidence. Wearing period underwear allows you to go about your life as if nothing is different, and if you do feel that little rush – don’t worry. Your period underwear will make sure it’s soaked up and wicked away from your body.

Best of all, they look like the rest of the underwear in your drawer!

How does period underwear work? Does period underwear really work?

Yes, period underwear really works. I know it’s hard to believe if you’ve only ever worn pads and tampons before, but you really can be more comfortable and have an easier time on your period. Let’s be honest, periods s-u-c-k, and anything to make you feel more human is a good thing!

Period underwear is designed with layers of a number of fabrics that specifically work to draw liquid away from the body and into the underwear, preventing leaks to keep you both comfortable and dry.

It’s totally normal to be skeptical about period underwear, but it really does work! Proof underwear uses a number of leakproof, yet breathable materials combined with our patented Leak-Loc™ technology to stop potential leakage along the leg openings.

How often do you change period underwear & how long can you wear it?

How often you will be able to wear your period panties really depends on the heaviness of your flow and the absorbency level of your underwear. Most people feel comfortable and dry enough to wear the same pair all day, not changing them until they go to bed.

If you have a moderate to heavy flow and want to use period underwear alone, it may be best to change your period underwear more often, just to avoid potential overflow or leaks due to compression.

It is generally advised for anyone on their period to wear a clean pair for each day of your period, and a different pair at night – as you would normally.

Does period underwear smell?

It shouldn’t, and our Proof underwear certainly doesn’t!

Most period underwear is coated with an antimicrobial treatment that inhibits the growth of bacteria, which is the cause of unpleasant odors. Although most period underwear works to dispel odor when they are new, the way that the antimicrobial treatment is applied can cause its effectiveness to wear off over time and you may eventually start to notice an odor. Our period underwear is different.

Proof period underwear actually weaves the antimicrobial treatment into the fabric itself so that is cannot be washed off or become ineffective over time. This means that your Proof underwear will fight back against odor for as long as you have the period underwear, especially with the added breathability of the fabric we use.

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Are period panties better than pads?

          1. Well…yes! For starters, pads are usually bulky so if you’re on a heavy flow, you can’t wear tight light fabrics. Period panties just look like normal underwear, so you don’t have that awkward diaper feeling, and you also won’t have those times where you go to the bathroom or get up after sitting for a long time to find your pad is isn’t quite in the right place.

            Pads are also much less hygienic as your period often just sits on the surface, rather than being fully absorbed like period underwear.

            If that wasn’t enough, as they are completely reusable, they are so much better for the environment than pads, which just end up in a landfill after only being used for maybe a couple of hours. Proof undies were created to work towards reducing the amount of waste produced from the use of tampons and pads, including the products themselves, and the harmful plastics they are often packaged in.

Does Proof underwear feel wet?

          1. No! The materials that are used to make Proof underwear ensure that you stay dry and comfortable, even with all-day wear.

            All of our period underwear solutions have linings that wick away moisture and move it away from your skin into a further absorbent layer in the middle of the underwear, and this is where the moisture stays until you are ready to wash them.

            In fact, many of our customers have said it feels like the moisture disappears!

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